Showing that fear of mediocrity can make the world a better place.

One process, two process, red tape, duct tape

Not invented here (NIH) in one part

AKA “Sorry future maintainers”

Peasant (to court)

Good morning. I am a lowly office peasant from the far north wing. I humbly submit my request to the benevolent kings and queens of finance. I have through much personal and professional hardship arrived at a reasonable solution to the problem with which you have tasked me. Your frustration with the current state has led me down many roads and journeys in search of new tools and technology that will help me fix what pains you. Through my own trials and tribulations I have arrived at a well thought and proven solution. All I request of the merciful court is a small allowance in order to purchase and setup the solution so that we may get back to giving praise to you, our kings and queens. This small pittance of money is nothing compared to the gains we will make using the new technology and your honors will surely be praised throughout the land for handily solving such a notorious problem.

The Court

Proposal REJECTED by order of the kings and queens. The court recommends you figure out how to solve the problem they presented without the needed tools.

Peasant (to court)

Honorable kings and queens of the court. I humbly request you to reconsider your contribution to solving the problem you requested of me. Without the proper tools that are already available with a small allowance from your generous purse we may not be able to adequately solve the requested problem. The solution is complete and ready to be implemented with your blessing and minimal effort. Any other path will cost ten times as much and will not be of your majesty’s high standards. For the honor and future safety of you kingdom please allow my humble request to be answered.

The Court

Proposal REJECTED.

Peasant (to other peasants)

My brothers and sisters, our pleas have fallen on deaf ears and our prayers unanswered. The tools and technology that we need to work for our livelihood have been rejected. We have requested a plow and been told to use a stick. We have requested a mule in triplicate and have been told to use our mangy dogs. We need to continue to work and produce goods or we shall surely starve but the tools that help us to produce more have been dismissed out of hand by those who know not how to use the tools.

Future generations will look at this turning point and question the futility of our decision and many generations will suffer with inferior tools. Those that come after us will curse our name instead of the true tyrants but we must stand strong. This decision was not an easy one and it has weighed heavily on my soul.

I will not stand idly by and watch my brethren use sticks to plow and dogs in place of mules. I have traveled to many locations and seen how the plow and mule are created and I believe we can make them for ourselves. Sure it will be expensive. We will lose much time building what has already been created elsewhere. We will lose time and money as the home made tools break down and don’t keep up with the latest tools but it will be better than nothing. I do not want to make these tools when we could be better spending this time growing amazing new products that will bring much praise to our small kingdom. We will not let the tyranny of the court decide the quality of our lives and we will become masters of our own destiny. I do not want to start down this road but my hand has been forced. We will enjoy the prosperity of the enlightened and we will bring it by our own hand. If the courts will not provide then we shall supply ourselves with the sweat from our brow.

We shall create.


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