Showing that fear of mediocrity can make the world a better place.

Simple does not mean easy

Simple does not mean easy. Simple is difficult. Simple doesn’t come easy and without great effort. Simple takes years of practice. Simple is what happens when you remove the complecting concerns. Simple is when you peel back to the essence of a single thing. Simple looks easy to the beginner but is knowingly difficult for the expert. Simple is a choice.

Simple in terms of programming can be hard to define. Is it simple if you use a framework to shrink 200 lines of code into a one-liner? Is DART simple? Coffee-script? Encapsulation? If you encapsulate something complex behind a simple interface does it hide the complexity or does it make it simple? Is there a difference?

Simple does not happen by accident. Things complicate quickly. If you look for simple but fall short you will be better off than if you allow complexity to be the default.

Other musing on simplicity that inspired this post:


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