Showing that fear of mediocrity can make the world a better place.

Find what inspires

I am generally looking for inspiration everywhere. It’s rare to find anything worth mentioning. When I do find something it always catches me off guard. It surprises me that there is a seemingly original thought that was crafted and that takes on it’s own life through the sheer amount of heart, soul and originality involved in its creation.

It seems to reach into your being from the depths and remind you that there are people creating and sharing beautiful works and meticulously crafted ideas and designs. Sure there is taste and preference to account for and everyone has a different trigger for what touches them on such a deep level but there is no denying that you can see a great product when you come across it. Great design is truly universal. The great architects, musicians, artists and writers have managed to capture an emotion so raw that it taps into the basics of humanity and is inseparable from our collective knowledge no matter how may years truck by.

It’s difficult to define the character of a great work but it seems to tap into a deep seated fountain of inspiration that was waiting for the right key to unlock a piece of creativity. Look for inspiration everywhere. Look for quality and a sense of thoughtful design. Find it in the mundane, the extraordinary and the unusual.

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