Showing that fear of mediocrity can make the world a better place.

Screaming at a storm

The wind is blowing. Hard. Streaks of rain are preventing clear sight as squinting and ducking down become the only way to move forward. There is noise everywhere. Chaos and panic and fear and desperation. Long gone is the time when there was a discernible difference between howls of anguish and the wind. The crunching and cracking of destruction goes off everywhere as structures creak and give into the unceasing pressure.

A small group struggles to make their way through the area. They have kept level heads despite everything around them. They try to convince others that their frantic and panicked actions are only creating more problems. They tried to rebuild as they go but entropy is accelerated by the storm and they struggle as their work is washed away.

Losing hope and running out of strength the team realizes they must either disband and admit defeat or stand together with efforts redoubled. With cuts and bruises they look at each other wishing to find the strength to continue or the ability to hope for a calm sunny day.


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