Showing that fear of mediocrity can make the world a better place.

Overcome analysis paralysis. Build something

There are too many different solution out there to any one problem. Sometimes getting caught up in the comparison of features and benefits, downsides and trade-offs can be a little overwhelming.

Sometimes you are trying to solve the wrong problem because you don’t have all the information. I can’t event begin to count the number of times I started digging into a solution to a problem only to find out that as well designed as the solution might be it was way off base and needed to be scrapped in favor of something simpler and lighter weight. I almost wonder if an early warning sign of bad design is that there is an overly complex solution to what seems to be a simple problem. If you need a workflow coordination tool and many consistency checks to save a document are you actually building a solution or more potential problems? If you have a persistent queue and processing engine to pass a message and some data have you actually solved a problem or created more technical debt?

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the design of things that might not even matter. Fretting over the details in your head or arguing with others over the potential downfalls of the non-existent features. The problem is that it is easy and sometimes fun to toss ideas around and not actually accomplish anything. By quickly designing and building the feature you can vet any decisions with real world tests and trials. Of course that assumes that you have the skills to actually build things.


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