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Mainlining brain crack

Sometimes there is just something that has been kicking around in your head forever and you have to let it out. Recently caching poured forth from my brain into code and I used it to help galvanize some ideas that had also been waiting to see the light of day. I had written some basic implementations in Python when I was using a lightweight web framework and it was an exciting idea. After writing it I was surprised at the code that came out. It almost wrote itself. the design flowed and the pain points were clear and easily resolved with judicious use of design principles.

Then I looked at someone else’s implementation (more professional grade). It was almost exactly the same. Sure I left a few features out because I’m not a cache provider and I took some poetic license with the cache invalidation strategies because I might have different problems and constraints that I am trying to solve. I was happy that my solution appeared so clearly transferred to someone else’s design. I was surprised at how “professional” most of my code looked. We’ll see how the rest of the developers take to it and whether or not they agree that dependency injection is something they want or if it is just too confusing.

Dear god. what. have. i. become?


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