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Finding serenity among chaos

1 web app = 5 “languages” + countless APIs + (several layers * A stack of technology/patterns/practices in each layer) + …

Sometimes it is really just ridiculous. The information channels feed us changing data every second. Software development is a constantly shifting target where the latest trends can differ depending on the language you use for development. It can be incredibly time consuming not to mention tiring to stay up on the latest trends and techniques and to actually have a chance to try them out before they become old news. That’s why I look outside of the software world for inspiration and career advice. Software development has only been around for a short time (at this point) compared with most other crafts/professions. Sometimes it helps to study and look for corollaries in long-standing work like woodworking.

The post by George Walker ( helps to confirm what I already found out. Focusing on the items that do not change as often can help to assuage the constant stream of trendy ideas. The quintessential quote from that post is (for me anyway) “Styles change, fundamentals don’t”. It’s the same reason you can redecorate your house without changing the architecture and its the underlying principle in the fact that apartments see many different tenants with different styles but the tenants don’t influence the architecture. The trick in software development seems to be separating architecture from interior design and that no matter what the materials there are some designs that are timeless.

While this might work for me it won’t work for everyone. The fact that I am so quickly drawn to this idea might follow more with my thinking that who you are defines what you are and no the other way around.



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