Showing that fear of mediocrity can make the world a better place.


Continuing is the hardest part. I could wake up in the morning and not care. I could put on a smile and float through the day. You wouldn’t notice that nothing gets done because nobody else is productive. I could do the bare minimum like everybody else. Sure, I’m younger. All that extra energy just makes up for the lack of wisdom. I have to do something a few times before it’s right so I need to push harder. But that’s the key. I want to get it right. Not some abstract right or some ideal version of what should be right. Just right enough that I can go home at the end of the day and not feel like I phoned it in. Right enough that I don’t feel like I am spending the majority of my waking hours, my life for god’s sake, doing good enough. I want more. I want to say I gave it my best and that no matter the outcome I tried to do right instead of just trying to get by.

But you won’t let me. Your constant nagging about trivial issues wears me down. You’re right. I forgot the cover sheet on my TPS report. But did you commend me on the fact that I was the only one whose product didn’t have any bugs? Did you commend me on finishing my work ahead of the deadline while I was carrying other coworkers on their project? You came looking for solutions to problems and when I gave them to you it  was almost like you were surprised. Amazed that someone could have an answer to the problem you have been parroting for years. Not even THE answer just AN answer. But it would solve your problem. It would be right. And it wouldn’t be that hard. Maybe you just enjoy complaining about the problems too much to fix them. It must give your life meaning. Not me. I like to solve problems and move on to the next thing. If you don’t want to solve problems don’t ask my opinion on them. I will fix them.

Continuing to care and motivating myself to do my best is difficult. You’re not fostering innovation. You aren’t even fostering stagnation. You simply want to regress into a state of chaos where everyone sits around asking each other for solutions to problems and ignoring the responses.

Good luck with that.


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